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Mistakes to be avoided by debt ridden people in order to become debt free

For people looking to come out of the debt trap, there are certain things that need to be followed. But very often they don’t take these steps and perform mistakes like:


  • Not putting down all their goals in writing. The goals should have ideally included the duration within which the person wants to become completely debt free. For Example, the goal can be like, ” I want to become completely debt free by the end of 2013 “. The person should also document the steps that are being planned to become debt free. But most of the debt ridden people do the mistake of not writing down the goals
  • Do not get rid of the credit cards. There is no way the person can become debt- free, if they are in possession of a credit card or two.
  • Continue making lavish spending such as subscription to premium channels on satellite channels and going on weekly outdoor lunch with the family.
  • Not taking the help of a good debt relief company to become completely debt free. Often debt- ridden people depend on the credit company to lower their interest rate on the outstanding amount.
  • Not realizing that it would take time to come out of the debt trap

By avoiding these mistakes, the debt- ridden person can quickly come out of the debt trap and become debt free over a period of time.

The Best Way to Choose a Payday Lender

People who are looking for loans in Hamilton, Ontario have probably considered payday loans as a way to help them with unexpected expenses. Do not make the mistake of picking the first payday loan service that you come across. All payday lenders are not created equal and you should do your research before you choose a payday lender.

A payday loan is a loan that you get by proving to a lender that you have some form of regular income. The lender will then give you the cash until you get your paycheck. Many people use payday loans for a variety of different reasons. Most often, there is some kind of money emergency that people are experiencing when they decide to get a payday loan.

When you are picking a payday lender, you will want to make sure that you know what requirements the lender has. Some lenders have different qualifications and requirements for giving payday loans. You will need to have a job to get a payday loan. Also, you will be required to have a checking account to get a payday loan. Having your paycheck directly deposited is another common requirement of payday lenders. The next thing you will want to find out is how much the loan is going to end up costing you. You have to take into account interest and fees when using a payday lender. Be sure that you read the fine print on any loan because you don’t want to be hit with fees that you weren’t aware of. While the Ontario government has done a lot to curb the excesses of payday lenders, they are still out to make money so you must be careful.

Sell Your House Yourself and Save Money

2Why would you take the trouble of selling your house yourself when you can get it done through a real estate agent? The reason here is that you can save substantial amount of money in this process. Having said that, do not think that you can save the entire amount of commission that you would have otherwise paid to your agent.

When you do the selling yourself, you have to spend some of your own time in collecting information related to house selling and for getting more involved in the process. You can get information about current market price by browsing internet sites such as Realtor. ca, ComFree or ByTheOwner. Please check the time period for which the house is on the market along with its asking price. This gives you a fair idea whether the house price mentioned is proper or not.

When you avoid real estate agents, you lose the huge market which they serve. So you might have to keep your house price slightly less than the current market price. Another drawback in this scenario is that you have to be available to show your house to prospective buyers. This might consume a lot of your time. Again, if you are not available at a time convenient to the buyers, you might loose good chances of selling.

Still, if you are ready to do your homework and have some time to spend, going for selling yourself is worth a try. Besides saving money, you might enjoy and learn something from the whole process.

How to Decide if a Payday Loan is Right for You

People that are trying to find Ottawa payday loans probably have a lot of questions that they want to have answered about payday loans. Many people look into payday loans when they are down to very little money in the bank and suddenly have an unexpected expense, like needing a car repair done. It can be very frustrating to have an unexpected expense and not be getting your paycheck for another week or so. So, you may be in a similar type of situation and you are probably trying to decide if a payday loan is right for you. There are dozens of payday loan stores in Ottawa so you have probably walked past one recently.

The way a payday loan works is that you give a check to the lender that they won’t cash until you get paid. You will pay the amount you are being loaned, in addition to some fees and interest. So, you will want to make sure that a payday loan is something that you are going to be able to pay back. You really need to make sure of this because you don’t want the payday loan to end up being another expense that you will owe. It may seem like you are paying a lot of money, but it will probably end up being better than bouncing a check or paying late fees on something that you owe. If you have bad or no credit, a payday loan might be really good for you because they don’t usually require a credit check. You might find that a payday loan is just right for you if you don’t have any other way to get the money that you need.