A Book Review Of The Four Pillars Of Investing

The Four Pillars of Investing book has garnered some serious attention ever since it was published. The book gives a comprehensive over view of the history of financial marketing, investment techniques and how people react to the stock market. The book covers a lot of material that might not be familiar to non- financial types, but it’s worth a look.

The first pillar discusses the background of the theory of investments and how the market has grown exponentially over the last century. It goes into detail about how ETFs work and how people should allocate their funds accordingly. The second pillar looks at the downfall of the financial market, focusing on the most popular crashes and speculation bubbles.

The third pillar discusses how most people think about the stock market, and how those with financial savvy think differently about investments. There are sections on some of the more common sales tactics, and what the average buyer thinks about. The final pillar looks at how mutual funds are managed, and shed new light on why this isn’t always the best investment path.

Overall, The Four Pillars is a good book for those looking to invest without any fund manager advising them. While it’s not a complete manual on financing, it gives good insights to common mistakes made by individual investors.

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