Ways to save money on buying Vacuum cleaners

For families looking to save money on buying vacuum cleaners, there are a number of options available. Based on the available budget, families in Canada can opt for top branded vacuums such as Dyson and Kirby. For people with budget constraints, there are cheaper models like the Dirt Devil. But one of the risks of buying a cheaper model is that their life span is shorter when compared to the top selling models. The cheaper version can be used for couple of years before it goes down.

By following certain ways that are listed below, the family members can save a lot while buying a vacuum.

1. Looking for a used vacuum cleaner. By adopting this approach, Canadians can save $200 to $300. A sparingly used three months old Dyson vacuum comes for $250, which is half the price of a new vacuum cleaner.

2. Opting or a refurbished vacuum. By doing this, families can bring down the expenses by $200. There are online sellers such as woot. com that list refurbished items including Dyson and Kirby vacuums. Woot. com can only be accessed from U. S. A. Canadians can get refurbished Dyson vacuum directly by approaching their factory outlet.

3. Choosing an Established Brand in vacuum. By choosing an established brand, one can be assured of sticking to the same vacuum for at least five years.

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